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The purpose of this guideline is to detail New Zealand immigrants and how to obtain New Zealand permanent residence, New Zealand citizenship, or New Zealand residency visa.

If you’re looking for a place to live, New Zealand is a very good choice. It is known to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world with great development. You can easily obtain permanent residence in New Zealand, a New Zealand permanent residence visa, or New Zealand citizenship if you have been a visa holder for at least 2 years.

Once you are granted a Permanent Residence in New Zealand or a Permanent Residence Visa in New Zealand, you can live and work in New Zealand indefinitely and also come and go from New Zealand without travel conditions.

Benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residence

There are so many benefits attached to acquiring permanent residence in New Zealand and mention also, and they include the;

  • You can now enjoy the benefit of being a citizen as it grants you rights to New Zealand citizenship
  • In education, when you pay for study fees, you only pay domestic fees just like any New Zealand citizen and no international fee would be added
  • You will also be granted unlimited rights to live and work in New Zealand
  • You also get medical and social benefits
  • If you are eventually born in New Zealand, your child or children are rewarded with New Zealand citizenship from birth.

There are many more benefits.

Ways to Get New Zealand Permanent Residence

There are different paths to follow before you can qualify and apply for permanent residence in New Zealand. Remember, I already said, you must be a New Zealand resident for at least 2 years before applying. However, there are different paths to becoming a New Zealand resident.

Below are the available categories of New Zealand resident visas;

  1. Resident Visas for Skilled Immigrants: The residence visa is addressed to those with specialized skills and education enabling them to work in New Zealand
  2. New Zealand residence visa partner: If you have a spouse who meets a New Zealander, then this visa allows you to live with him in New Zealand as well.
  3. List of resident visas with long-term skills: This resident visa allows hard-working people to live in New Zealand
  4. Parents’ retirement residency visa: This allows retired parents with New Zealand residence or New Zealand permanent residence visas to reunite their children with them in New Zealand.
  5. Resident Work Visa: This is a type of New Zealand work visa that is granted to a foreign individual
  6. Residency visa for dependent child: This stay visa is granted to New Zealand children
  7. 2 Investor Resident Visa: This type of visa is granted to the experienced business individual, who has a net asset in NZ of at least $3 million
  8. Visa for Entrepreneurs: This type of visa is granted to migrants who have operated a business in New Zealand for at least 6 months.
  9. Samoa resident quota visa: This residence visa is obtained from Samoa residents who have entered the drawing to live in New Zealand
  10. Pacific Assessment Category Resident Visa: This type of residence visa is taken from Pacific Islanders who won the lottery to live in New Zealand
  11. Previous residence visa: This is also known as the second residence visa. This allows you to live and stay in New Zealand after you have passed the original residence visa
  12. Religious worker’s residence visa: This type of visa is obtained by religious workers to enable them to live in New Zealand
  13. 1 Investor Resident Visa: This allows investors who will invest $10 million in New Zealand in the next 3 years to be able to live in New Zealand
  14. Talent Resident Visa: Individuals skilled in sports, art, culture or any talent-related activity can easily obtain a talent resident visa
  15. Australian Resident Visa: This type of residence visa is only available to Australian citizens to enable them to live in New Zealand
  16. Community-sponsored refugee resident visa
  17. Interstate Adoption Residence Visa
  18. Residency visa on Pitcairn Island
  19. Residence Visa with the contribution of South Island
  20. Resident Visa for Refugee Family Support

With the above residence visa, after 2 years, you can easily apply for permanent residence in New Zealand, a New Zealand permanent residence visa, or New Zealand citizenship.

Some people have been directly affected by the terrorist attacks in Christchurch on March 15, 2019. New Zealand-based families of these individuals can easily apply for permanent residency in New Zealand using a different process.

If you are a young person and are looking forward to immigrating to New Zealand, or to live, work, or study there, you can follow the previous guide to the New Zealand Immigration Process.

You can easily apply for New Zealand citizenship or permanent New Zealand residence from their official immigration. After that, as long as you qualify and have the required documents, you will be granted a permanent residency visa in New Zealand. If you have any related questions, please let me know through the comments section.

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