Australia is also known as the Commonwealth of Australia, the largest country in Oceania, and also 6.The largest country in the world by total area. The Commonwealth of Australia is not just a name, but defiantly a country blessed with wealth. It’s a well-developed country with the fewest populations in the globe, so gaining citizenship in Australia is a guide to exploiting the country’s wealth.

I’ve encountered many investors looking for a place to get citizenship from investing. Depending on the type of investment they want to attract, I try to get Australian citizenship with investment.

Australia’s top source for investors

Australia has a variety of good resources where an immigrant can invest and one of the main investment portfolios in Australia is cash investing. Everyone knows that investing in money is one of the low-return investment sources, but in Australia, depositing them through banks has slightly higher returns than other countries and is certainly a low-risk investment option.

Many other investment options in Australia include shares (we have large companies in Australia looking for shareholders, most of these companies bring in great profit and this results in large returns on investment for their shareholders), fixed investments with interest or income, investments in managed funds, exchange trading funds, investment bonds, Listed investment companies, real estate investments, gold, annuities and many more.

Benefits of Australian Citizenship

However, any benefits that a normal citizen of Australia benefits from birth benefit you too. These benefits include;

  1. By voting, every citizen of Australia over 18 years of age has the right to vote for their leader.
  2. You can run for election as a citizen of Australia
  3. You can also get preference for jobs in the federal government
  4. You can apply for an Australian passport
  5. You can get help from an Australian official while overseas
  6. If you have children born overseas, you can take them as Australian citizens from entry
  7. As a citizen, you are entitled to defer the cost of the university
  8. You can always represent Australia in another country as a citizen, in any case.
  9. You earn the simplified right of residence, visa, and many more

Apply for Australian Citizenship with Investment

There are various insulations to acquire Australian citizenship with investment. However, just because the gateway is open to gain citizenship by investment doesn’t just mean you spend very substantial money in their economy and gain citizenship. At least, you’re expected to have lived in Australia for about 2 to 5 years.

There are three currents that an individual can get Australian citizenship with investment, this includes;

  1. Investor visa

If you are an investor looking for permanent residency in Australia, I advise you to enter for an investor visa. However, to obtain this visa, you must be willing to invest at least $1.5 million in Australia and you are expected to have held a temporary business skills visa for at least 2 years out of your 4 years in Australia.

  1. State/Territory Sponsored Investor Visa

This is another type of visa in Australia and a smooth path to gaining citizenship in Australia. However, to get sponsorship from the state or territory, you or your partner must have made an investment of $750,000 in Australia, then you can apply.

  1. Visa for Business Innovation and Investment

This is a different type of investor visa in Australia for upper-class individuals who do not have a temporary business visa. However, this does not give you citizenship, but you can temporarily reside for 4 years and 3 months. So it is recommended that you obtain a temporary investment visa along with him and gain permanent residence in Australia.

We also have a premium investor flow that ensures an individual has a minimum of $15 million in premium investments in Australia. These high-value individuals are then appointed by Austrade on behalf of the government.

In general, gaining citizenship in Australia is not an immediate application. You must have resided or obtained permanent residence through any of the above visa processes, and have resided for approximately 4 years before you can apply to become an Australian citizen.

If you have any questions about obtaining Australian citizenship by investment, please notify the men through the comments section. Also, if you are a newcomer and do not meet the requirements on how to become an Australian citizen by investment, then you can read our previous article on how to get a permanent residency in Australia.

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